FAQ Frequently Asked Questions Photographer

1 Why hire a professional photographer in 2021 ?

a picture's worth a thousand words  why do you need a professional photographer

Have you ever heard the proverb “a picture is worth a thounsand words” ?

According to Microsoft, human attention was from 20 seconds 10 years ago to 8 seconds today. We must therefore capture attention and quickly because we live in a society where visuals are omnipresent and attention can be quickly lost. A study has shown that during an act of purchase, 93% of users have as a primary factor, the appearance of a product.

In a society more than ever turned to digital with omnipresent visuals, it us necessary to know how to quickly capture the attention of consumers and maintain it.

It goes without saying that the more qualitative the image, the more attention it will hold. This is why calling on a specialized professional photographer to showcase your property is essential. 


2 What are you photographing ?

Most of the time, my favorite field is automotive advertising, it’s a field that drives me. My various experiences have also led me to work for industrialists, manufacturers or even private collectors. Whether it is a project more or less close to this field, I put all of my abilities at the service of my clients to meet their needs.

3 How does a photo shoot go ?

After a first contact, we define together the client’s expectations to make in the best conditions the shooting, a clear and detailed estimate will be sent by email.

Once this has been validated, a payment of 30% of the service must be paid.

The date of the shooting comes, a trip to the places defined with the equipment is carried out, whether it is the premises of the compagny or the home of the customer in order to perform the service.  

Once the shooting is done, a work of sorting an  retouching the photographs takes place. In general, for 1 hour of shooting, at least 1 jour of retouching is expected.

Once the photos have been selected and edited, they will be transmitted with a watermark by a wetransfer link. If the customer if fully satisfied, the payment of the remainig 70% will have to be made. Upon receipt of the latter, all photos without watermark will be sent.


4 Can we postpone a session ?

The main goal being for clients to be proud of their visuals, it goes without saying that by mutual agreement prior to the session, whether for climatic, professional or personal reasons, it may be postponed.


5 Can we shoot in the rain or in bad weather ?

Depending on the desired work, bad weather conditions (gray or black sky, rain, wind, cold) can bring an atmosphere and a context that will give a superb rendering.
A shooting is therefore possible, provided that it does not take place in driving rain.


6 Where does the service take place ?

For a particular client, it may be his home or shooting locations that we have selected beforehand, in accordance with his expectations.

Regarding professional clients, it is possible that the service will take place on the premises of their company as well as that of their client (s). It can also take place at the site of an event.


7 How long does a service last ?

Depending on the work to be done, this can range from two hours to a full day. While knowing that for 1 hour of shooting, there is at least 1 hour of retouching.


8 How many photos will I get ?

For an automobile packshot, I try to deliver a minimum of 6 photos, depending on the available shooting time and what the client wants. For moving photos it will depend on the number of places where the shooting takes place. For an event, it depends on the duration and what there is to tell with usually a minimum of 10 photos.


9 How long for the delivery of the photos ?

The delivery time depends on the quantity and the expected work as well as the schedule. In general, a delivery time of 15 days maximum will be necessary to obtain the photos.

10 How do I get my photos ?

A “wetransfer” link via your email address is provided to download the photos. However, if the customer prefers to receive them differently via their social networks or otherwise, it will suffice to mention it.


11 Can I print my photos ?

For an individual, yes, that’s the whole point, with no size restriction.

For a professional, copyright must be defined in the contract according to the uses that the company wishes to make of its visuals. Note that royalty-free photos do not exist according to the intellectual property code.


12 Can I upload my photos ?

For an individual, yes, that’s the whole point, with no size restriction.

For a professional, copyright must be defined in the contract according to the uses that the company wishes to make of its visuals. Note that royalty-free photos do not exist according to the intellectual property code.


13 Do you deliver the RAW ?

Unless you are a retouching agency in the automotive sector, the photographer is chosen for his style, the photos are therefore delivered in Jpeg already retouched.


14 Will my photos be visible on your site ?

As a photographer, it is important to be able to show my know-how in order to acquire new clients. It may therefore be that your photos are available to everyone, on my website, portfolio, social networks, or anything that can be a commercial medium.


15 If i book a session, do the photos belong to me ?

According to the intellectual property code 111-1, being the sole author of the photos, I am also the sole owner of the photos. However for an individual, you have the freedom to share, print for your personal use. What you can’t do is use them for a commercial purpose or give them away for that purpose, modify them without my consent, it doesn’t matter if it’s colorimetric cropping or whatever.

For a professional contact me according to the desired use.

For more information about the commercial use rights of photos for professionals, I wrote an article right here.

16 Exclusive contract concerning the confidentiality of the content

Being used to working on confidential projects for professional clients, if this is desired we can enter into a confidentiality agreement in order to guarantee that the photos are not distributed.

17 What type of payment do you accept ?

Bank transfers are the most preferred because of their ease and speed.


18 How long before the session can I book ?

A minimum of one week is generally desired in order to be able to discuss, plan the equipment and manage the organization. Depending on the urgency of the need and the agenda, if it is for example an event, 48 hours before the session.


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